7 for 2017 (with bonus printable)

If last year I did a throwback to the year that was and what I’ve learnt from coming out of 2015 fairly unscathed, this year I am going to do something quite different. 2016, despite my positive mindset on it’s early days, has eventually turned out to be quite a slump of a year, something […]

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iOS Apps I can’t live without

Being a savvy smartphone user (self-proclaimed, but I would like to think that I am), I have a lot of apps, so much that I had to put them into folders because there are too many of them to fit all the pages. Most of them are actually games, but I do have some apps […]

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Word of the year: Persevere

January is a funny month, because we spend most of them looking both back at the past and the year that just passed, but we also spend them with some type of new excitement about what the future holds. Ends and new beginnings brings so much possibility, and this one is no different. Just thought that […]

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Things I learnt in 2015

2015 was an interesting year, I gained, I lost, I learnt a whole lot. I cried a little, stressed often, but still managed to smile through it. Undeniably, 2015 taught me a lot about life and about myself, but most importantly it challenges me for the future. So here are my top few things I’ve […]

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