About Me

The name is Marcela, but you can call me Marc. I do web design/development for a living, and I create for my personal enjoyment on my past time. Growing up I am always very interested in everything creative including and not limited to; design, crafts, photography, modern calligraphy and writing. Beautiful things keeps my eyes happy and my spirits light, creating something tangible with my hands always feel so euphoric.

Currently residing in Sydney, I fill my spare moments with getting my hands dirty with ink and hot glue gun, taking any pictures that I can get my clumsy hands on, learning languages and reorganizing things. When I am not feeling very productive I love sampling new brunch places around town and going on a tech/gadget window shopping (Yes, online and in-person). I am an advocate for cold weather and snuggling under the covers with a cup of tea and my RSS feed (or an episode of my favorite Korean drama). I love discussions with new and likeminded people, so hit me up if you want to know me more.

Why Marcsmellow

marcsmellow are a combination of two words; marc’s and mellow. The first half is a short form of my name, and the second half is a tribute to the style and experience I strive towards when delivering anything for my clients. The word mellow describes itself to be pleasantly smooth or soft, made gentle and compassionate by maturity, a constant reminder to myself about what values to carry throughout my work.

On the contrary to most people’s expectations, the name marcsmellow does not stem from my love of marshmallows. Despite having a sweet tooth, it is one of the least likely dessert I will pick on a dessert table, mainly because it is usually way past my sweetness tolerance level (I’m more of a lemon lime kinda girl).

marcsmellow is going to be my journal through life, filled with things I love and lessons I’ve learnt throughout my years. So if you want to see a slice of my life, look no further. Ultimately my ideal goal for marcsmellow is to not just be for my own playground and personal enjoyment, but yours too! So watch this space!