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Since my university days, I have been a fan of bagels. My staple was: blueberry bagel and cream cheese. Back then I didn’t know any better.

Cue to a few years later when one of my co-worker introduced me to this place, a bagel cafe just an alley shy of Foveaux St, Surry Hills. She used to live in the US and apparently this is one of the only place that manage to satisfy her bagel fix. I fell in love with their bagels at first bite and the rest is history. I ended up bringing a few friends on my own here, most of them ends up loving it as much as I do.

You can either order an already made bagel, or pick and choose your own fillings and spreads. They also have some brunch offerings like baked eggs and avocado toast, but I never get to them because I always just want their bagel everytime I am there. My top choice is always the everything bagel, the crust were full of poppy and sesame seeds, the crunch and flavour that those adds into the bagel is definitely the highlight. On one occasion they have ran out of the everything bagel, I was sad that I had to settle for something less.

The Highline (above)

This is my other favorite, the roast chicken is very tender has been shredded for ease of eating and blended so nicely with the mayo and the delicious crunch of the walnut.


The Lox is very chewy and fresh, and it has a very nice texture. I am not actually a fan of rocket because of the bitterness of the leaves, however the honey vinegar taken some of the bitterness of the rocket and gives a very fresh taste, especially when combined with the lox. If you’re a fan of sushi or raw seafood, this one is the way to go.

Brooklyn Hide

The pork is just the perfect in tenderness, pulling apart easily and very easy to chew. The apple jam adds just the right amount of sweetness and combined with the mayo, it adds a very creamy and sweet taste but keeping the taste palate very fresh. Definitely my top recommendation for first timers.

Special menu

This was a special they have on one of the day I visited, which is absolutely delish and I wished were a permanent dish on their menu. Salami, feta and rocket mixed together with their special sauce. It’s a pity that it was just a one-off special, but I am hopeful that it will make it to their menu someday.

Are you a bagel fan? If you are, you really should check this place! If you have, or if you are one of those people I have dragged here, give me a shout out and tell me what you think, also please help convince everyone so the bagel legacy will live on. #longlivebagels heh.




Opt for one of the above flavour in an everything bagel on your first try.
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