Open for business!

These past few months, my lettering work over in Instagram has been embarrassingly minimal. Now you know why.

This has been in the works for a while, constantly being put on the backburner because of life, work and everything else in between. Now that I was put on a forced career break, this project came to the frontline and so finally there is progress and I am able to release it to the world. They said everything happens for a reason, and this time, I am sure it is for a good reason.

Now I think I am ready to embark on this  journey of being able to share something more tangible with the world. I always love writing inspirational and motivational quotes, so it will be mostly that (as well as some other stuff), so hope it will be able to inspire and motivate many others.

Introducing another one of my side projects, you are now able to purchase my lettering work as digital printables, that you can print yourself and use around the home, or gift it to your loved ones.

I am super excited for this, I hope you are too!

Visit the shop


this version is not available on the shop yet but it would be soon, consider it a sneak peak 😉

PS. If you have favorite quotes you’d like me to pen, share them in the comments :) Who knows, it might appear on the shop one day!

♥ Marc

One thought on “Open for business!

  • Hi Marcela,

    So happy for you! Here’s a few quotation requests, feel free to give them a go if any stand out to you!

    1. “I am limitless”

    2. “Nothing in the physical world can contain or limit the power of the human spirit.”

    3. “I will light up the sky”

    4. “I exist with a fierce intention”

    Thanks so much!
    Jon x

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