Sydney Eats: Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously

This place is one of my first one to review due to just how often I go here for lunch, the place being just a stone throw away from my office. The whole place is light and airy, decorated with timber tables, booth seating on one side and a huge mirror that spans the length of the wall. This opens up the space considerably and reflects the baristas working on the other side, so you can see them no matter where you sit. Why does that even matter, Marc? To see when your food is coming, of course.

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The food are a perfect fusion of east and west, their flavours somehow always incorporate lovely Japanese flavours. The combination is just right with perfect balance of flavours. Their special menus change every season, though there are some staple that they keep all year long (and for good reasons too).

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My favorite dish is definitely the Genmaicha-infused Chicken burger. Lovely generous serving of chicken on a bed of soft bun and fried cabbage, drizzled with sweet soy aioli and almonds. That sweet soy aioli made the dish, everytime I eat it I wish there is more of it! The combination of sweet, salty and creamy are just right, it is definitely the dish I recommend most for those who don’t know what to get.

My second recommendation is the Signature Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger, which is called signature for a very good reason. Milk bun and kale topped with crunchy but tender pork belly, seasoned with a very nice saltiness. The slices of apple throughout makes the dish very fresh and cuts through the oil nicely. Did I say they included some rolled sesame omelette? Many of my friends actually enjoyed this dish more than the Genmaicha Chicken burger, but I beg to differ.

If you’ve been here and eaten those two dishes, tell me which one you enjoy more, I’m genuinely curious. :)

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Another favorite is the Croque Monsieur, this is especially good for you lover of cheese and cream (and everything fat-inducing but delicious). Leg ham, Gruyere cheese and bechamel sauce, a perfect heavenly combination that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. I’ve only seen this on their Summer menu though, I remember it being missing during winter and I remember with distinct clearness being sad of it’s nonexistence because it was THAT good.

Try their Bacon, Egg & Avo sandwich too, the salsa verde sauce in this complements the crunchy bacon and the runny egg. Out of the world! (Don’t have a picture of it because mostly I get them to go and it’s just a gooey mess when I open the bag. Probably have to do with my nonexistent sense of balance, heh.)

Unfortunately being a non-coffee drinker (I know, what’s up with that? – my caffeine tolerance is really low and it would only aggravate my insomniac tendencies more, so I steered clear of it), I can’t really comment much on the coffee they serve, though I know some of my friends loves it.

Have you been to Haven? If you have, is there any dishes that you enjoy there that didn’t make my list? Tell me and I shall try them :)




Sit next to the door if you can, more natural light, and less chance of having oil smell stay on your hair since the kitchen is closer to the back. 😉
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