Word of the year: Persevere

January is a funny month, because we spend most of them looking both back at the past and the year that just passed, but we also spend them with some type of new excitement about what the future holds. Ends and new beginnings brings so much possibility, and this one is no different. Just thought that I’ll warn you, you’re gonna see this type of posts throughout January, while the romanticism of fresh start is still in the air. 😉

Everything comes with a yearly theme these days, so why don’t we give one to our year? I’m going to attempt that this year, and keep it in mind throughout the year. It’s going to be my word of the year and it’s going to drive me to bigger and greater things this year.

So let’s get to it:



verb (used without object), persevered, persevering.
1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.
2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.

verb (used with object), persevered, persevering.
3.to bolster, sustain, or uphold:
unflagging faith that had persevered him.


For me this mean keeping myself accountable for everything that I start or maintain this year. I am also going to open my mind on trying new things, even if sometimes I am a little scared of the process. Because you’ll never know until you try it right?

So how about you? Do you have a word of the year? If you don’t, is there a word you’d like to turn to one? :)

♥ Marc

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